Handcrafted loghouses

Majorett offers:

  • Handcrafted log homes
  • Milled log cabins
  • Stavlaft houses
  • Frame houses
  • Modular houses
  • Garden houses, summer houses, saunas, garages, sheds, pavilions, barbeque houses.

Measures of wallprofile according to clients wishes.

Turnkey solutions (windows, doors and roof)
All operations are carried out by Mantra Mets LLC

Our log houses are:

  • Economical
  • Nature friendly
  • Health friendly
  • Environmental friendly
  • Made of pine and fir timber
  • High quality

Advantages of Majorett:

  • Clients needs comes first
  • Our log houses are handmade by experienced craftsmen
  • Every house is unique and has its own face and soul
  • We carry out the work within the time agreed with the client
  • We can carry out general building jobs, from foundation to the complete building. (plumbing, electrical works, carpentry and renovation)